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Lower Yuba Is Fishing Again

posted Dec 17, 2012, 1:11 PM by Tom Page
I spent Sunday down on the Lower Yuba; the fishing was pretty darn good. We hooked somewhere around 25 fish, and no I don’t count a fish if the indicator goes down. Most of the fish took egg patterns. The flies I started with were jimmy legs, Sanjuan worms, and eggs; I started out with two different colors on the eggs. I ended up fishing four different color eggs during the day; most of the fish t
ook a natural roe trout bead with some added coloring, and pink micro spawn. We got fish on the jimmy legs and the sanjuan worms as well. The visibility is around 3 feet with a green tint. The river has changed in some places, above the bridge and under the bridge are the most noticeable. The pull out at Sycamore has changed a lot too. Part of the bank has collapsed and formed a small gravel bar (kind of an island) were Dry Creek comes in. All the fish we caught were right on the edges, within 5 feet. We saw a couple of fresh Salmon in the river spawning and yes we got a fish right behind them.