Lower Yuba Is Fishing Again

posted Dec 17, 2012, 1:11 PM by Tom Page

I spent Sunday down on the Lower Yuba; the fishing was pretty darn good. We hooked somewhere around 25 fish, and no I don’t count a fish if the indicator goes down. Most of the fish took egg patterns. The flies I started with were jimmy legs, Sanjuan worms, and eggs; I started out with two different colors on the eggs. I ended up fishing four different color eggs during the day; most of the fish t
ook a natural roe trout bead with some added coloring, and pink micro spawn. We got fish on the jimmy legs and the sanjuan worms as well. The visibility is around 3 feet with a green tint. The river has changed in some places, above the bridge and under the bridge are the most noticeable. The pull out at Sycamore has changed a lot too. Part of the bank has collapsed and formed a small gravel bar (kind of an island) were Dry Creek comes in. All the fish we caught were right on the edges, within 5 feet. We saw a couple of fresh Salmon in the river spawning and yes we got a fish right behind them.

Fishing report for Lake Davis,

posted Nov 8, 2012, 9:27 AM by Tom Page

Hot off the press from Jon Baiocchi, Let your customers know Lake Davis is peaking right now and all types of flies and techniques are working because the fish are on the gorge! It has been SO good and the fish are fighting hard and looking great!"

Salmon Are Here!

posted Oct 15, 2012, 6:20 PM by Tom Page

They’re here! 
The Salmon that is, I was down on the Yuba for an early morning egg bite this morning and the salmon are really starting to come in. Salmon are on redds and the trout are right behind them. I got 8 fish in a little over an hour. Most of the fish I got were on bugs yes bugs, Jimmy legs, caddis pupas, and small may flies. If you are interested in doing an early morning trip give me a 
call it’s a great way to beat the guide boats to the prime spots. I will meet you here at the shop or down on the river. We meet at 6am and I will guide you until 9am. You are welcome to stay and fish as long as you want. I have to get back to the shop. The cost is $100 per person best deal you will find any were. 530-477-5397

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