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Engle Bright Lake: The bass fishing has been pretty good. 

Lots of quality bass in the Marina, get your float tube and go get some. Best flies have been small crawdads, Mini Cruizer blue gil, Murdich Minnow, Belly Ache Minnow, Drunk & Disorderly and frog poppers.

North Yuba: fishing good to great. The best fishing is above Downiville up to the confluence of Salmon Creek. Dry dropper systems always work best. Yellow Stimulators, Royal Wulff’s, Yellow humpy’s, Parachute Adam’s, Yuba River Pinkies, Stream Bank Hopper, Cousin It, and Ant RP’s have been the hot dry flies. Try dropping off Tom’s UV2 Mangy Prince, Red Copper John, UV2 Hot prince, or a Psycho Prince to improve your luck.

Lower Yuba: I’ll be honest the fishing has been tough; we have been picking up fish on Red San Juan Worms, Black Bead Bird’s Nest Olive, Fox Poopah, Tom’s UV2 Mangy Prince, Hogan’s Military May Brown size 18, Hogan’s S&M Nymph Brown size 18. Hoppers have been getting a few fish to the surface but not a lot. Swing some Bellyache Minnows and Sculpzilla’s for some exciting grabs. The caddis hatches have been few and far between; we are swinging soft hackles in the evening and doing well.

Scott’s flat: Small mouth bass fishing has been good, we are catching some nice fish on poppers in the early mornings and evenings. With the lake being low, we are seeing very few if any ski boats.

Lower Scott’s flat (aka Deer Creek Reservoir) fishing has been fair to good. In the mornings and throughout the day strip leech’s and buggers with a sheep creek as a trailer. Fish some flying ants, parachute Adam’s and Quigley’s cripple in gray.


I got out and fished the Lower Yuba last night the hatch was thick! March Browns and Pinkies every were, the fishing was insane! The Yuba Pinky and CDC Biot Emerger were the hot Flies. I'm the only shop that sells the Yuba Pinky if you want some come on by the shop or give me a call and I will mail them to you.


It’s that time of year the water levels on all rivers will be changing do to snow melt and water sales. This last week I have been watching the flows carefully on the Yuba river drainage. I saw the North Yuba rise from 600 cfs to over a thousand cfs overnight, do to snow melt. The South Fork of the Yuba raised from 20 cfs to over 500 cfs (PG&E) The Lower Yuba has come up a little over a 100 cfs do to water sales, expect to see the flows to continue to go up in the next couple of weeks. Make sure you check the water flows before you go out and fish.


Fishing Report from Sunday and Monday

I guided both Sunday and Monday on the Lower Yuba, the river fished excellent. Lots of different bugs hatching, Skwalas, PMD’s, March Browns, Salmon Flies, Black Caddis, Baetis, Yellow Sallies and Beetles. My clients hooked fish in every spot that should hold fish and spots that shouldn’t hold fish. The hot flies were mostly my own creations; pattern’s that I have been working on the past couple of years and have been proven to work great on every river I have fished. One of the patterns is a stone fly nymph and the other is a caddis pattern, the caddis pattern is known as the Mangy Prince Olive, I tie the Mangy Prince in two colors Olive and Tan. The Mangy Prince was called dirty (in a good way) by Hogan Brown and he thinks it will work great on the Lower Sac. I fished both this patterns pretty much all day, along with a Sucker Spawn. Other patterns I fished were Hogan’s Military May brown, Hunch Back Infrequence, Quasimodo Pheasant Tail and Jimmy Legs. My patterns are custom order, with minimum order of 6 per pattern $2.75 a fly.

Wow its spring already! Where to fish and what to fish for you ask.

I will start with the Yuba River; the lower river is fishing good to great. March Browns have started and the fish are still eating Skwala’s and PMD’s. Recommended flies:  Tom’s flush floater Skwala, Bullet Head stone, March Brown Cripple, Parachute March Brown, Maloney Bead March Brown, Last Chance Cripple Pink Albert, Cripple Dun PMD, Hogan’s Military May PMD, Hogan’s S&M PMD, Sucker Spawn, Hare & Pheasant, Gold Rib Hares Ear, Flash Back PT, RL Prince of Diamonds Golden Stone, Two Bit Hooker and Jimmy Legs.

North Yuba: Fishing is picking up and is considered to be fair. This is the time of the year to fish the North Yuba if you’re looking for larger than normal fish. The big rainbows start moving up from Bullard’s Bar to start they’re spawn, with that said please respect spawning fish. I have caught several big rainbows during this time of year. You won’t catch the 20 plus fish a day but you will catch quality fish. This is a mostly nymphing game this time of year.

Flies: Red Copper John, RL Prince of Diamonds Peacock, Biot Epoxy Stone, Hogan’s Red Headed Step Child, Prince Nymph, UV2 May Nymphulator PT, Sucker Spawn, and Fox Poopah Olive.

Feather River:  The Feather River is fishing good, fresh spring run Steelhead are in the river! The best time to fish is during the low light but you can catch fish all day.

Flies: Egg Patterns, Sucker Spawn, Hogan’s S&M Nymph, Olive Bird’s Nest, Fox Poopah, San Juan Worms, Strung out Alevan and Shock and Aw.

Scott’s Flat Reservoir; The Small Mouth Bass are still deep about 39 feet. The water temp is 53 degrees midday. The lake is at 80% capacity and NID has just shut down the South Yuba Canal that feeds the lake (scheduled maintenance). This should help warm the lake up a little and turn on the bite.

Lower Scott’s: fishing is fair to bad.  The best ways to fish would be with a type 3 sinking line with buggers and leeches, or a floating line, long leaders an indicator using Chironomid pupa.

Lake Davis: The fish have started moving into the shallows and feeding on midges and callibaetis. Look for water coming into the lake the fish are staging to spawn.

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